3 Tips To Make The Most Out Of Electrical Installations When Finishing A Basement

Finishing the basement of your home will give you valuable space that you will use for anything from theater rooms, extra space, mechanical and home automation rooms or for an in-law suite or apartment. The electrical wiring is something that you will be installing and upgrading, and there are some things to consider benefitting your basement, as well as other areas of your home. Here are some tips that will help with your electrical wiring design when finishing your basement:

5 Simple Winter Lawn Care Tips

Some people look forward to winter because it means finally getting a break from all that yard work. But that doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy a healthy lawn, right? If you really want to sit back and enjoy the winter months guilt-free while looking forward to a lush, green lawn in the springtime, here are five simple things you can do. Weed Weeds can get aggressive in order to survive. If you leave them in place, they’ll consume whatever nutrients remain in your soil during the coldest part of the year.

Winterize Your Garden

Gardens take a lot of work. It’s a shame to spend an entire season caring for your garden to have your plants and soil ruined by the snow and ice of winter. Here are tips for you to winterize your garden to prepare it for the next spring season: Why Winterize Your Garden? Winterizing your garden prolongs the life of current plants and gets the ground ready for the next sean. Anyone who lives in an area that experiences frost, freezing temperature and snow should always winterize their garden.

Did You Know You Can Hydroseed With Wildflower Seeds As Well? Here's What You Need To Know About Creating A Wildflower Meadow

Although many people know that hydroseeding is a great way to quickly grow strong and healthy grass on a lawn, few people know that hydroseeding can also be used to plant wildflowers. The process is the same, just with using wildflower seeds instead of grass seeds. When you’re hydroseeding with wildflower seeds, it can be more difficult to get the wildflowers to take root compared to hydroseeding with grass seeds. This means that proper seed selection and preparation are key in successfully hydroseeding a lawn with wildflowers.

A Guide to Efficient Garden Design

There’s nothing more beautiful than a garden. But you might not have the money, time, or space to spend on one. Check out these tips for the most efficient garden design. Stacking For the most space efficient design, you can buy or make stackable planters. Vertical gardens are popular in big cities where you can have custom made planters designed. Take inspiration from trendy farm-to-table restaurants and grow your greens inside in a planter on your wall.

Reasons To Install A Sprinkler System

Taking care of a yard can be very difficult, but a good yard is within your grasp. One of the most important things is that your lawn gets the right amount of water. It is very common to see lawns with dry patches, and dead spots. Often this is the result of a yard not getting adequate water. The best way to ensure that your yard is getting the right amount of water is to have a company like Wagner SOD Company install a sprinkler system.

Create Small Habitats Around Your Property With Eco-Friendly Landscape Design Ideas

While you may not welcome deer or rabbits entering your yard to nibble on your garden, there is some wildlife that can help and enhance your outdoor spaces. Make small habitats and homes to invite these guests and prevent things like insects, mosquitoes, and rodents from getting comfortable in your greenspace. Some wildlife that you do want to welcome to your property are: Buzzing bees. Bees are fantastic for pollinating flowers and native plants.

Sod Or Hydroseed: Which Is Best For You?

If you want a green lawn and you want it done yesterday, then you definitely don’t want to be planting grass seed, which can take a long time to mature. This leaves you with to other popular options: sod and hydroseed. Which one is best for your needs? Explore cost, best times to plant, and when you can expect results to help you make your final decision. Cost If cost is your largest factor when putting grass in your yard, then hydroseeding may be your best bet.

2 Major Ways to Make Your Backyard Landscaping More Dog-Friendly

If you have recently gotten a dog or are thinking about adopting one, you may be wondering if your backyard is set up to accommodate them and make them happy and comfortable. After all, even though your pet dog will be an indoor animal, they will still spend copious amounts of time playing and relieving themselves in the yard. There are many ways that you can update and change up your landscape design to make it more dog friendly.

Landscape And Garden Ideas That Are Bee-Friendly

If you want to do something that is good for the environment, plant flowers that are bee-friendly this year. These plants produce enough nectar for bees to survive and thrive so that they can continue to provide and help nature around them. Bees are an integral part of the ecosystem, so treat them to some flowers and plants that will help them live. Some examples include: Marigolds. Blueberry bushes. Summer-sweet.

What You Should Know if You Want Walnut Trees in Your Yard

Walnut trees are lovely to look at, and their wood can be very valuable. But, walnut trees also produce a chemical called juglone that can wreak havoc on your garden and other nearby plants. Here’s what you need to know if you have walnut trees in your yard. Walnut Trees Are Messy While they are very pretty ad provide nice shade, walnut trees are not suitable for every landscape. For example, if you have a walnut tree near your driveway, you already know that when they drop their nuts in the fall, you can be left with quite a mess.

Create Beauty In Your Sloped Backyard

Building your home on a hillside can afford you beautiful, even panoramic views. However, this can create an issue in your actual yard. A sloped yard presents problems of drainage and just plain landscaping. You may despair of planting your sloped yard, but this can make the problem worse because of soil erosion. Instead, use your landscaping to complement the hillside. Shrub Border If your slope is gentle, it may be sufficient to use shrubs to anchor the soil.

2 Types Of Do-It-Yourself Mulch To Help Protect Your Garden Soil

Mulch placed in a layer over your garden soil adds a rich brown look to the soil to improve its appearance and can help the health of your garden soil. Mulch added to your soil can help you retain soil moisture, prevent erosion, and create a barrier to weed growth. Here are two methods to help you make a healthy compost and add it to your soil for its many benefits.

3 Fresh Ideas For A Rock Garden

A rock garden can be an attractive addition to any yard. Landscaping rock comes in almost unlimited color, size and shape options. You can utilize everything from boulders to sand in your rock garden. What’s more, landscaping rock can be a good way to solve problem areas such as a slope or shady corner. Add a fresh rock garden to your landscape. Raised Garden Rocks stack, so they can be ideal for creating a raised planting bed.

3 Tips For Watering Your Lawn Correctly This Spring

As spring rolls around, it is time to create a plan for taking care of your yard. If you want to have a yard that is really green, you need to make sure that you have a solid watering plan in place. Here are three tips that will help you develop the right watering plan in order to ensure that your yard is green this spring. #1 Try To Water In The Morning

4 Reasons To Remove A Tree On Your Property

Trees are a beautiful addition to any yard, but there may come a time when a tree becomes a hazard or a liability. If you have a problem tree in your yard, it is best to have it removed by a professional sooner than later. Some situations where a tree may need to be removed include: Tree is Dying or Diseased Unfortunately, there are a number of things that can kill a tree as well as diseases that can decimate different types of trees.

Concrete Curbing Guide For Your Garden

When designing your landscape, not every decision revolves around plants and other soft features, like mulch. Some of your decisions will be with the hardscaping, such as concrete features, in the yard. One place where poured concrete can really shine is around your garden beds. Using poured concrete to create custom curbing creates a clean, unbroken line. The following guide can help you better understand the benefits of curbing compared to other options, as well as what the installation entails.

Wonderfully Wee: 5 Tips For Maximizing A Tiny Front Yard

Whether it’s a condo or just a really small lot, a tiny front yard can be a challenge to landscape. While it may seem that less is more, indeed, when it comes to maintenance and expense, it can also make designing a beautiful and homey space harder. If you’re dealing with a postage stamp of a yard, here are 5 ideas to make the most of it. Take a Seat​. If you can’t have an expansive lawn with lots of beautiful greenery, try going the opposite direction and adding a cozy seating area instead.

Getting Started On Your Landscaping

If you have recently purchased a new home, then you want to make sure you get your yard looking the way you want it. While it may take you a while to come up with a whole landscaping theme and get everything done, there are a few things that you can start on right away that will help you to achieve a look you will be happy with for the meantime.

Gorgeous Ideas For Landscaping Your Front Walkway

You already know about curb appeal and how your front yard can have a significant impact on how well your house presents itself. However, perhaps you haven’t given your front walkway much thought. Sure, you may have ensured the walkway is wide enough for guests and kept it in good repair. However, have you considered the aesthetics of the path to your front door? Design walkway landscaping that enhances your home’s curb appeal.

Is Gothenburg Your Future Port O' Call?

Whether you’re an aspiring sea builder or managing a ship that needs facilities in great new ports, keeping an eye out for the next big business hub is important. In 2017, Gothenburg, Sweden is slated to complete a new cruise terminal that could enhance American tourism interests and general port business as interest grows. If you’re an American sailor, port professional, or even a tourist looking into the way that the cruise industry changes over a time, have a look at what Gothenburg is doing.

3 Landscaping Maintenance Needs for Spring Gardening

Spring is on its way and you may be planning on doing some gardening. The garden you are planning this year may include vegetables, flowers for color and other plants. No matter what you plan on doing in your garden, preparation is important if you want to be a successful gardening, which can include tilling, planting seed and treatments to your landscaping. Here are some of the landscaping maintenance tasks you will want done to get your gardening off to a good start this year:

3 Tips For Choosing The Best Tree Removal Service

If you’re looking to finally do something about that massive tree in your yard, then it’s probably best to call a tree removal service. While getting out the ladder and chainsaw yourself might save you a bit of money, it can also cause serious injury if you’re not a trained professional. But how do you know which tree removal service is best? Take a look below for a few tips to keep in mind when you’re searching for a company to help you get rid of your tree.

3 Rules For Growing Edible Plants In The Front Yard

Front yard vegetable gardens have been the topic of good and bad news lately. There is a growing movement gaining ground to make front yard gardens legal everywhere, but it is still controversial and outlawed in many cities and towns. So what do you do if your only full sun is in your front yard? Whether it is allowed or not in your area, you can grow edible plants in your front yard by following a few simple rules.

How To Remove A Tree Stump Without Chemicals Or A Grinder

The stump that is left behind after felling a tree can be not only an eyesore, but also a tripping hazard. Mowing around it can get annoying, too. If you leave the stump alone for long enough, it will eventually rot away – but who wants to wait for five or more years for that to happen? Thankfully, there is a way to get rid of the stump without purchasing a stump grinder or exposing yourself to the chemicals in stump remover.

6 Major Benefits Of Installing A Drip Irrigation System

Whether you’re landscaping a yard from the ground up or want to make improvements to your current landscaping, adding a drip irrigation system is a good investment. There are a number of reasons to have a drip irrigation system installed, such as: Better Water Efficiency When you have a drip irrigation system in place, you can rest assured that your plants are directly getting the water they need. Due to how drip irrigation systems are installed, the water goes straight to the plant, and run-off and evaporation are greatly reduced.

Not Into Landscaping? 3 Easy Things You Can Do To Get Your Yard Ready For Spring

You may want your yard to look great when the weather starts to warm up, but it sure doesn’t mean that you enjoy the yard work. For some people, they just don’t have the time. For others, they don’t like getting their hands dirty. Whatever the case may be for you, there are a few ways that you can go about getting your landscape ready for spring and ensuring that it looks fantastic without having to spend a ton of time out in the yard under the sun.

Great Reasons To Hire A Lawn Mowing Company

If you have a lawn then you might want to consider hiring a lawn mowing service. Sure, you do have the option to cut your grass all on your own, but there are in fact a few great reasons to hire someone to do it for you. The more you know about those reasons, the easier it will be for you to see that you should be taking advantage of the lawn cutting services out there.

Have Access To Free Rocks? Hire A Landscaper To Incorporate Them Into Your Yard

The people you know, the job you have, or the place you live might give you access to lots of rocks. It may not have come across as useful to you until you start to think about your own landscape. Grabbing rocks and putting them in your front yard and backyard is not going to work well without a strategical plan. So, it is ideal to let landscaping professionals in on the project to have them help with the execution.

Tips for Making Your Lawn Easier to Care For

Having a beautiful lawn is a boon to your house’s curb appeal. What’s more, a well-maintained lawn is also ideal for entertaining, letting the kids play or just relaxing. However, maintaining a lawn can seem like a hassle. Streamline the process so you can spend more time enjoying your lawn than tending to it. Lay Sod Laying sod is possibly the most labor-intensive method for seeding a lawn. However, once it’s laid, sod is relatively low maintenance.

Hardscape Ideas

There are a lot of ways to really make your landscape unique and look fantastic. Many people are using a method called hardscape to contrast any vegetation and to make the landscape beautiful. Hardscape is the use of man-made designed architecture to break up the vegetation. Often the architecture involves pathways and walls. There are a lot of different materials that can be used when hardscaping, and there are a lot of different techniques that can enhance your lawn.

Bare Yards Don't Sell: Landscape Ideas For Your Spec House Build

If you’re building a spec house, then you have probably spent a ton of time dealing with zoning issues, bringing in contractors, and dealing with the physical construction of the house. However, once the final nail is set, and the electrical work and plumbing is all done, you still have some work to do. A brand new house needs a beautifully landscaped property, otherwise many people will be turned off. While you are comfortable with construction, and might not think twice about dealing with all of the labor involved in fixing up a bare lawn, many people looking for a home will be super turned off by the work required.

2 Reasons To Hire A Lawn Care Service

A lawn care service can be one of the best resources available for a homeowner due to the fact that they can ensure that your lawn is as healthy as possible. Listed below are two reasons to hire a lawn care service. Treat Plant Diseases One of the most important reasons to hire a lawn care service is to treat any diseases or infestations that may affect the plants on your property.

2 Reasons to Hire a Landscaping Service

As a homeowner, one of the most beneficial services to take advantage of is a landscaping service, mostly due to the many ways in which they can improve your property. Listed below are two reasons to hire a landscaping service. Create The Ideal Yard For You One of the primary reasons to hire landscaping services in order to have them create the ideal yard for you and your individual needs or desires.

6 Ways To Make Your Backyard Better For Fido

If you have a dog, one of the first things on your mind might be improving your backyard so that it suits him better. If your pet spends a lot of time in the yard, you want to make it as comfortable and welcoming as possible. You also want to keep your pet safe. These tips will help you do both of these things. 1. Secure the fence and add some foliage.