Hardscape Ideas

There are a lot of ways to really make your landscape unique and look fantastic. Many people are using a method called hardscape to contrast any vegetation and to make the landscape beautiful. Hardscape is the use of man-made designed architecture to break up the vegetation. Often the architecture involves pathways and walls. There are a lot of different materials that can be used when hardscaping, and there are a lot of different techniques that can enhance your lawn. Here are just a few ideas to give your landscape an extra special touch.


A gabion is a great way to build a retaining wall. A gabion is when loose rock or stone is put into a wire container. Often when building the foundation of the home, there is a great deal of rock that is displaced. You can use this rock to build your gabion. There are also many different types of rock that can be ordered in to build one of these walls. You can pick almost any color and any shape of rock. A landscape company will be able to give you many different ideas on how a gabion wall can be used to enhance your landscape.

Steel Trim 

Steel is a classic metal that is used in many different aspects of building. Using a steel trim gives your home a new age sort of look, and it is very classy. Steel sheets can be used as a type of retaining wall, but smaller sheets can be used to trim flower beds or even the lawn. The steel needs to be a high quality stainless steel or you will be looking at rust spots after a little while. The stainless steel silver gives such a great look to any landscape that you are sure to enjoy it.


One of the most popular choices when hardscaping is stone because it can look so awesome. Stone is used to build walkways, retaining walls, fire pits, and many other landscaping aspects. A good landscaping company can do a variety of different features with stone. The great thing with this material is there are so many different choices of stone to choose from. Virtually any color and style of stone is available for hardscaping. You can truly customize your landscape around a type of stone and make it look absolutely fantastic in every way.  

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