3 Landscaping Maintenance Needs for Spring Gardening

Spring is on its way and you may be planning on doing some gardening. The garden you are planning this year may include vegetables, flowers for color and other plants. No matter what you plan on doing in your garden, preparation is important if you want to be a successful gardening, which can include tilling, planting seed and treatments to your landscaping. Here are some of the landscaping maintenance tasks you will want done to get your gardening off to a good start this year:

1. Prepare Your Soils and Add Landscaping Cover to Gardens and Flowerbeds

The soil in your gardens is important for health plants. Depending on the type of plants you use in different areas, you will want different combinations of nutrients and drainage. For plants that like shade and water, you want to have a soil that absorbs water and has less drainage. For sun-loving plants, it is important to have good drainage. What all plants do need is plenty of nutrients, which adding fresh nutrients with manure can help provide soil with more nutrients. Mix in manure with soils during the late winter or early spring for best results.

2. Treat Your Landscaping for Pests and Apply Fertilizer Treatments to Gardens

Insects and other pests will be something that you must deal with all year. During the early spring months, treatments can be applied to your landscaping to keep pests at bay when your plants become healthy and start to bloom in summer. In addition to treating landscaping for pests, early spring months are also when you want to apply the slow release fertilizer treatments that will provide plants with valuable nutrients during the winter months. If you have added manure to the soil, be careful doing this because it can cause damage to plants.

3. Sow Seeds Indoors and Plant Outdoors Before Spring Arrives

Sowing seeds is important for many different plants during the early spring. If you want to start plants indoors, many seeds can be started indoors during the last weeks of winter. Flowering bulbs, many vegetables and other plants may not do well when they are start indoors; in this case, it is best to wait until early spring. Start seeds outdoors when the weather is warmer and the risk of frost has passed, but do not wait too long.

These are some of the landscaping maintenance tasks that you will want to do to ensure your garden gets off to a good start in early spring. Contact a landscaping maintenance service like Pattie Group, Inc to help with preparation of your gardens and other care for your landscaping this year.