Is Gothenburg Your Future Port O' Call?

Whether you're an aspiring sea builder or managing a ship that needs facilities in great new ports, keeping an eye out for the next big business hub is important. In 2017, Gothenburg, Sweden is slated to complete a new cruise terminal that could enhance American tourism interests and general port business as interest grows. If you're an American sailor, port professional, or even a tourist looking into the way that the cruise industry changes over a time, have a look at what Gothenburg is doing.

Restoring Old Glory For New Purpose

Gothenburg's new terminal rises from Stigbergskajen. The terminal building is a dramatic piece of history, being the first Swedish American Line vessel's departing port over 100 years ago. The quay and terminal were constructed in 1912 and has seen many changes, such as its conversion to executive office suites and business centers as well as the docking center for school ships.

The terminal operated from its construction until 1975. Its restoration is not only a testament to Sweden's sailing history, but of the international relationship with America that continues to grow. A major benefit is the clean and crisp construction, as the new America Cruise Terminal is expected to welcome vessels in spring 2018 with fresh faces who may not be accustomed to the older and more weathered ports around the world.

Plan For Enhanced Loading And Unloading With A New Port

American vessels should plan early for the Swedish terminal opening by matching some of the terminals features in the US. The terminal's contractor, Dawab, has distinctive aesthetics in mind as the terminal nears completion, and a uniform experience can be copied in the US to make sure that cruise guests have a uniform experience.

Don't be daunted by the new construction, as you don't need to be in charge of upgrading a major port in the US. A fresh port building, portable equipment for loading at the pier, and a modern Swedish-themed gangway set can deliver all of the visuals needed to match what Gothenburg has to offer.

Consider taking a trip early to understand what the city has to offer in order to make your vessel or port structure meet the standards of a new terminal. A marine construction professional can accept any notes you take, such as local culture, expectations for the port, color schemes, and even practice structures to help shipmates and deckhands get used to the new terminal's loading and unloading procedures.

Contact a marine construction professional to discuss new port destinations, themes for port structures, and any upgrades you need for the bustling ports around the globe.