Create Small Habitats Around Your Property With Eco-Friendly Landscape Design Ideas

While you may not welcome deer or rabbits entering your yard to nibble on your garden, there is some wildlife that can help and enhance your outdoor spaces. Make small habitats and homes to invite these guests and prevent things like insects, mosquitoes, and rodents from getting comfortable in your greenspace.

Some wildlife that you do want to welcome to your property are:

Buzzing bees. Bees are fantastic for pollinating flowers and native plants. Provide them with shallow dishes of fresh water to make a bee path and encourage them to travel to your garden easily. Be sure to skip the chemical pesticides and solutions in your yard when encouraging certain types of wildlife- like bees- to visit.

Talky toads. Frogs and toads eat insects and are easy to maintain in the yard or garden. Frogs prefer a wet environment while toads prefer something drier. Build a toad house by placing sticks and stones near a dim, moist spot in the yard for toads to take up residence.

Bashful bats. A lot of people are nervous around bats, but these day-sleepers actually help your home and property by controlling vermin and eating mice. If you want to keep them from the rafters of your home, create bat houses so that you will know where they are and you can keep your eye on them.

Clever chameleons. Chameleons are another critter that will only help your outdoor spaces. These little lizards are non-invasive and are likely more wary of you then you are of them. They like dry leaves, rotted wood, and moist spaces, so create a tiny habitat for them in a corner of a garden bed or near the trunk of a tree.

Beautiful butterflies. Bees are not the only friendly, flying insect for your property; butterflies also contribute to pollination, which will help your garden thrive and sustain itself. You can easily build your own butterfly house or buy one at home improvement retailers, and they basically look like a birdhouse or mailbox with a lot of slender, linear openings. Inside, butterflies typically like a few dry leaves or a twig.

Slithering snakes. If you aren't afraid of snakes, consider bringing welcoming a few garden snakes to your property. These reptiles eat mice and control vermin, which is good for your garden. Talk with exotic pet merchants about the best kind and native species to introduce to your ecosystem.

Talk to landscape designers and garden retailers about welcoming these helpful creatures to your property, while taking care of the eco-system. Enjoy teaching your kids about this interesting wildlife while also demonstrating environmental awareness and conscientiousness. Make sure that you keep your property chemical-free so that you don't accidentally poison one of these helpful species.