Bare Yards Don't Sell: Landscape Ideas For Your Spec House Build

If you're building a spec house, then you have probably spent a ton of time dealing with zoning issues, bringing in contractors, and dealing with the physical construction of the house. However, once the final nail is set, and the electrical work and plumbing is all done, you still have some work to do. A brand new house needs a beautifully landscaped property, otherwise many people will be turned off. While you are comfortable with construction, and might not think twice about dealing with all of the labor involved in fixing up a bare lawn, many people looking for a home will be super turned off by the work required. They want a house, and property, that is completely finished. So, it's very important that you bring in gardeners and have them fix up the property.

Bring In Mature Trees

The first thing you want to do is bring in mature trees. Homeowners will like the fact that they will have a tree on the property and that they won't have to go through the trouble of planting a small tree and waiting many years for it to grow. Planting a mature tree is a big undertaking, and many homeowners will rightly be concerned that it will fail and die. So, if you have a tree on the property already thriving, it will ease their concerns. Some trees are harder to transplant than others; for instance, a gigantic pine tree will be difficult, but you can bring in a dogwood tree that is quite large. If you do want to have some pine trees on the property, you might like to choose some young white pine trees. White pine is one of the fastest growing species of pine trees.

Install A Simple Flower Bed With Annuals

You should install a very simple flower bed around the perimeter of the house. This can be made of simple cedar mulch and gardening edge with some decorative stone border work. Instead of installing something like a rose bush that might take a while to bloom, you should just have your gardener bring in a collection of colorful annuals. These will stay in bloom and really impress the home buyers.

Hydroseeding For Fast Green

The most important thing to take care of is the grass. People who go looking at homes absolutely will hate the look of a dirt yard, which is what most construction sites are left with when the build is done. So, after the trees have been planted, the final step in making the landscape look nice is to get a green lawn put down. Broadcast seeding is a bit slow to take, and laying turf can be expensive, so what you should look into is getting hydroseeding. This is a very efficient method to lay seed and get it to grow fast. The seed is mixed with a moist mulch and is sprayed around the yard. The moist mulch mixture helps the grass seed grow. Hydroseeding is particularly excellent at preventing seed from running off (which is great for sloped yards). For more information about hydroseeding, contact a company that specializes in this method, like Hydrograss Technologies, or other landscaping companies.