Wonderfully Wee: 5 Tips For Maximizing A Tiny Front Yard

Whether it's a condo or just a really small lot, a tiny front yard can be a challenge to landscape. While it may seem that less is more, indeed, when it comes to maintenance and expense, it can also make designing a beautiful and homey space harder. If you're dealing with a postage stamp of a yard, here are 5 ideas to make the most of it.

Take a Seat​. If you can't have an expansive lawn with lots of beautiful greenery, try going the opposite direction and adding a cozy seating area instead. Add some hardscape, such as a flagstone or paver patio under foot, and throw in some inviting outdoor furniture. The result will be a more useful front door area that invites family and friends to stop and enjoy some good company and a beautiful sunset.

Amass the Flowers​. Trying to squeeze a tiny lawn into a little space can serve to emphasize the smallness of the yard. Instead, skip the grass and fill the space with masses of lush shrubs and colorful flowers. Frame the space with a small picket fence that allows flowers or vines to spill over. Your yard will be a real showpiece that's dazzling and fun too.

Go Formal.​ Designing a very formal yard can serve to remove unnecessary visual clutter and create a more open and orderly space. Plant a row of neatly-trimmed hedges (try holly or boxwood for a variety with small leaves) along the driveway or walkway. Accessorize with well-maintained container flowers or a clean row of flowers in a crisp mulch bed.

Scale the Plants​. You can often find scaled-down varieties of many shrubs or trees, which can help create a great garden in a smaller venue. Decorate with dwarf trees like cherry or lilac, or trim evergreens down to a smaller size for a full and colorful look without overwhelming your yard. Look for small blooms and shrubs with tiny leaves as well.

Create a Destination​. Whatever your yard style, you can make it more interesting by adding a single focal point to direct attention toward. For a small space, you may choose a sundial, bird feeder, colorful sculpture, or blooming tree. Make it distinctive and fun, then design your yard to highlight it. Your guests will find their focus on something other than how small the yard is.

No matter what direction you decide to go in your small yard landscape design, you can create a great space that you'll love to come home to. For more information, contact a business such as Boulder Works.