Tips for Making Your Lawn Easier to Care For

Having a beautiful lawn is a boon to your house's curb appeal. What's more, a well-maintained lawn is also ideal for entertaining, letting the kids play or just relaxing. However, maintaining a lawn can seem like a hassle. Streamline the process so you can spend more time enjoying your lawn than tending to it.

Lay Sod

Laying sod is possibly the most labor-intensive method for seeding a lawn. However, once it's laid, sod is relatively low maintenance. You simply have to water it regularly until the roots set. What's more, it's easier to maintain in the long run because you can spot treat areas of trouble without as much digging. That's because sod maintains its strip density. For example, if you have to level the ground underneath, you can just fold back flaps of turf without having to completely dig up the area and re-sow it with seed.

Install a Mow Strip

A free-edge lawn is easier and less expensive to install at the outset. However, to give the edge a clean look, it has to be squared with a point spade every time you mow. Instead, consider installing a mow strip for an edge. A concrete mow strip is the most adaptable, but it's also the most expensive. Other options include stone, masonry or strip edging, which is an inlay of UV-resistant plastic held with metal, wood and poly resins. When you have a mow strip, there's space for the lawnmower wheels plus a naturally clean edge.

Mow Often but Little

Speaking of mowing, you will still have to do this to maintain a beautiful lawn, or hire someone to do it. However, the key to mowing efficiently is doing so often instead of letting the grass grow wild. Not only does this make the actual mowing job easier, it encourages density in the growth. Home and Garden TV also recommends setting the lawn mower blades so they remove no more than one-third of the grass blade. Plan to mow about once a week for best results.

Minimize the Planting Beds

Planting beds enhance the look of your yard. However, they also take more maintenance because they usually have to be spade edged by hand, weeded and refreshed periodically. You can still have pretty planting beds, just keep them to a minimum. Likewise, consider raised beds or containers as these are easier to work on. You can plant decorative trees or shrubs to enhance the look of your yard. These simply require mulch and occasional hand pruning.

Streamline your lawn care routine to minimize time spent maintaining beautiful landscaping. For more information, contact a business such as A Greener Season Landscaping.