Sod Or Hydroseed: Which Is Best For You?

If you want a green lawn and you want it done yesterday, then you definitely don't want to be planting grass seed, which can take a long time to mature. This leaves you with to other popular options: sod and hydroseed. Which one is best for your needs? Explore cost, best times to plant, and when you can expect results to help you make your final decision.


If cost is your largest factor when putting grass in your yard, then hydroseeding may be your best bet. Hydroseed costs and average of $.18 per square foot, while the cheapest sod runs around $.30 per square foot. That makes hydroseed nearly half the cost of sod. But wait: you need to consider which one is easier to plant if you plan on doing the work yourself as well to see if you will be needing to hire on help to get the project done. Hydroseed is cheaper to install and may take less time, even if you have to rent a machine to spread the material. Sod needs to be brought in, unloaded, then rolled out, which may require more than just your handiwork.

Planting times

Since sod is living grass that has already taken root, you can plant it all year round as long as you have dirt to plant it in. Hydroseed takes best during the late fall to early spring because it can be damaged and dry out under the hot summer sun. Both options need to be watered regularly in order to be successful, but if planting season is what you are most concerned about, you can save yourself the worry if you go with durable sod.


Sod is basically grass cut into small strips for transplanting, which means as soon as you water it into the ground it's ready to be used, played on, and enjoyed. You may want to wait a few days for the roots to take hold before you try to mow it. Hydroseed, on the other hand, is grass seed mixed with heavy fertilizers and moisture and will need several weeks to grow. It will still grow more quickly than traditional grass seed and give you excellent green results if you can put in the wait and have some patience. Given the cost-effectiveness of the material and the ease of installation, it may be worth it to wait an extra week or two to be able to enjoy your new, beautiful lawn.

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