Your Landscape Maintenance Plan

Pest control, weed management, mowing, and pruning are essential parts of a landscape maintenance plan. Prepare a maintenance checklist. Then, decide when and how you will handle each part of your maintenance plan.

The Checklist

Prepare a checklist that includes all of the landscaping tasks that you plan on addressing. Include information about the plant species that you will be caring for. Research the plant species. Outline the care management steps that are going to be needed.

For instance, if one of the plants on your checklist often incurs pest infestations, learn what types of pest control methods are recommended by professional growers. Keep a record of the pest control strategies that have proven to be a success for growers.

All of the information that your checklist contains will provide you with clear directives when it is time for you to tackle one or more landscape maintenance tasks.

The Essentials

Shop for the tools and garden equipment that you will need to complete landscaping maintenance sessions. Compare various products. Invest in items that will reduce manual labor or lighten your task load. 

If you already have plenty of landscaping tools and equipment at your disposal, sharpen pruning shears, have your lawnmower tuned up, and prepare other items that you will be relying heavily upon while you are tending to your property.

Store all of the landscaping materials in a shed or another covered structure that you can easily access.

The Schedule

Purchase a wall chart that can be used to prepare a maintenance schedule. Base your schedule off of the best season that each maintenance task should be completed in. Some landscaping tasks may need to be completed much more frequently than others.

Schedule pest management projects first. Then, schedule mowing and weeding tasks. If you live in a region where plentiful rainfall is experienced, vegetation will grow fairly quickly. Schedule frequent mowing and weeding sessions to maintain control of overgrowth. Plan on pruning trees and shrubs toward the end of fall. 

A Walkthrough

Your maintenance plan will cover most of the upkeep your property needs. There may, however, be occasions in which additional tasks will need to be completed. Conduct a walkthrough of your property after a storm or other unexpected event. This will help you determine if there is any debris that needs to be cleaned up. During your walkthrough, take notice of the physical state of trees and other vegetation that is growing.

For more information on landscaping maintenance, contact a landscape company.