Three Ways To Heat Your Outdoor Living Space

People often think of having an outdoor living space that they can use throughout the summer, but it's nice if you can also use this area when the weather is cooler. In order for this space to be appealing in the fall and perhaps even in the winter, you want to have at least one heat source. If you're meeting with a local contractor who specializes in designing and building outdoor living spaces, you'll want to talk about heat sources. Doing so now is better than trying to add a heat source after the space is built. Here are three heat source options for an outdoor living space.

Fire Pit

Many people like the idea of having a fire pit in their outdoor living space. It can not only provide a source of warmth when the weather is cool, but it also offers a stylish glow after dark. There are lots of different ways that your space can feature a fire pit. You'll need to think about what fuel you want to burn. If you favor burning propane, your designer can construct a structure that holds one or more propane tanks out of sight. This will ensure that the area around the fire pit has a tidy, professional appearance.


Another good heat source for this space is a fireplace. Whereas a fire pit can work well in the center of the space, it's common to have your fireplace on the perimeter of the space. Your designer can design a fireplace and chimney that suit the overall look of the space. For example, if you're using a certain brick type for the floor of the living space, you might like the idea of having the fireplace hearth and chimney built from the same bricks. You'll want to ensure that there's some type of storage space to keep at least a small amount of firewood handy.

Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters are another option to consider. This product can especially work well if you want a roof over your outdoor living space. It's easy for your contractor to install multiple heaters on the ceiling so that they warm the entire space below the roof. Infrared heaters are a good choice for those who favor convenience. You simply turn them on and off with a switch, which is easier than building a wood fire in the fireplace. 

For more information about outdoor living space design, contact a local company.