Want A New Fence? 3 Types You Can Choose From

Fencing in your yard is beneficial as it can keep animals out and prevent kids from getting into your yard. If you have dogs, a fence will allow you to let them run outside without having to worry about running away. When it comes to fences there are different types to choose from, three of which are listed below. 

Solid Wood Fencing

Solid wood fencing comes in different types of wood, including Cedar Wood, Redwood, and Southern Pine. Cedar Wood fencing is resistant to moisture, insects, and rot. It is also easy to stain or seal. Redwood wood fencing is resistant to rot and insects and absorbs finishes and stains well. Southern Pine wood fencing is not resistant to rot and insects so it must be treated. 

You can choose a wood fence that is of different heights. This also makes a great privacy fence to put around your yard or put the fence around a pool. A privacy fence is great if you have dogs as they could not see outside the fence, which will prevent them from barking at cars, people, or other animals. 

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is durable and can also be used as a privacy fence. They can be used around a garden, around a pool, as a decorative fence, or as a security fence. Vinyl is popular because it is easy to maintain. When the fence becomes dirty simply wipe it down or spray it down with a garden hose. 

Vinyl fencing is resistant to moisture, insects, and rot so the fence will last you a long time. You will never have to worry about staining or painting the fence. You will find vinyl fencing in a variety of colors and also find matching gates to go along with the fence. 

Composite Fencing

If you like wood fencing, a composite fence would be a good alternative. It looks like natural wood but is resistant to rot and insects. You will find composite fencing may be more expensive when compared to solid wood or vinyl, but you can expect your composite fence to last you for many years. 

Composite fencing is made of a mix of plastic or resin with wood. You will find this fencing in a variety of colors and works great as a security fence, privacy fence, or decorative fence. 

No matter what type of fencing you choose for your yard, hire a fence contractor to install it for you. This will ensure your fence is installed correctly so it will last you a long time.