Reasons To Use Sand Around Your Artificial Putting Green

The addition of an artificial putting green to your backyard can not only give you a spot to work on your golf game, but can also add a unique sense of style to your property. When you hire a company that specializes in building golf greens, you'll enjoy deciding exactly how you want the green to look. One thing that the company will ask you is what you want the perimeter of the artificial surface to look like. There are several different options, but some people favor having sand around the green. Here are some reasons why this is a good idea.

Chipping Practice 

It's common for sand bunkers to appear around the greens at many golf courses. The presence of a bunker provides a challenge — if you putt your ball too hard, it may roll off the green and end up in the sand. Having sand around the perimeter of your putting green will mimic a real golf course and give you an opportunity to work on your chipping. When your ball ends up in the sand, you can set aside your putter, grab a wedge, and practice chipping the ball out of the sand and onto the green. You may find that both your putting and chipping improve from practicing both types of shots.

Transition Between Turf And Grass

Choosing to have sand around your artificial putting green also creates a stylish transition between the turf and the grass that makes up the rest of your backyard. While it's possible to have the grass come right up to the edge of the artificial turf, you might not always like the look. If your grass isn't pristine, it may heavily contrast with the tidy look of the turf. A section of sand between these two materials works well to create a transition zone.

Good Place To Stand

If you're practicing putting with a family member or friend, it's proper golf etiquette to stay out of their way when it's their turn to make their shot. You can stand behind them, but this isn't always possible depending on the location of their ball. One option is to get off the green entirely, but if the natural grass in your yard is long and wet, you won't want to stand in it. Having sand around the putting green will give you a good place to stand as you wait to make your shot. Even when wet, the sand won't dampen the upper parts of your shoes in the same way as tall, wet grass.

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