Installing A Pond On Your Property

If you are looking for options to help make your property more unique and beautiful, the installation of a pond is one option to consider. Due to the dramatic improvements that a pond can make to a property's appearance, this can be one of the more popular landscaping upgrades that individuals may invest in for their land.

Decide Whether You Want Fish To Live In The Pond

When you are having a new pond installed, you will have a lot of influence over the look and functionality of the pond, but it will require you to make a number of decisions through this process. One example of this may be the fact that you will need to decide whether or not the pond should be able to support fish. If you are wanting to add fish to your pond, there may be additional design factors that will have to be considered, such as temperature and water quality regulation systems. Furthermore, the intakes for the pond's pumping system may need to be designed to mitigate the risk of fish getting caught in it.

Be Aware Of The Runoff The Pond May Receive

The amount of runoff that may make it into the pond can be another factor to review when you are deciding on the design and the location of your new pond. Unfortunately, runoff can contain large amounts of pesticides, fertilizer, and other contaminants that may compromise the water quality of the pond. In particular, fertilizer can lead to very large amounts of algae growing in it. If you suspect that runoff may be a problem for your pond, installing a drainage system around its perimeter can help to direct this water away from it so that it will have less of an impact on it.

Protect The Water From Mosquitoes

One of the challenges you will want to consider when adding a pond is mitigating the risk of mosquitoes using the water as a breeding ground. Luckily, there are some extremely effective solutions to this problem. The most common is the use of water treatments that will neutralize mosquito eggs. For those that are wanting to avoid a chemical solution to this issue, keeping the water flowing and rippling can be another effective option as the mosquitoes will typically need the water to be standing. The use of a fountain, water jets, and other features may help you achieve this with your pond's water. 

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