A Landscape Installation Contractor Makes It Easy for You to Have a Beautiful Yard

If you wish your lawn was more attractive, but you don't know how to go about choosing the right plants and installing them, then call a landscape installation contractor to help. The plants and trees need to be installed properly so they stay healthy and thrive. Otherwise, you'll just waste your money if you plant things yourself and they die. Here are some things to know about landscape installation.

The Process Might Span Several Seasons

The best time to start your project depends on your local climate. There may not be much work to do in the winter when the ground is frozen. However, it's often good to get the plants in before summer so they can bloom and grow.

A landscaper can time the installation according to the seasons. They may install hardscape elements such as plant beds and walkways first and then add the grass and plants when the weather is suitable for planting.

You May Need An Irrigation System

An irrigation or sprinkler system adds to the cost, but water can help your grass and plants survive during a drought. You'll want the landscaper to install the sprinkler system before the sod is put down. If you're not getting new sod, they can dig up the sod over the trenches that need to be dug and then patch sod back in place.

The Landscaper Can Help With The Design

You may want to keep things simple with just a few trees planted in the right places along with some foundation plants or shrubs. However, if you want help with the design of your landscape, the landscaper can visit your property to survey it and then create a plan that includes all the plants and trees to add along with their location.

You'll need to let the landscaper know your budget, and they will choose plants that stay in your price range. Plus, you can approve the plans before the landscape installation begins.

Trees May Need Supports For A Time

Trees often need support when they are planted, especially if the tree is very large. The stakes might need to stay in for a year or much longer. It depends on how soon the roots take hold and the trees are stable. The trees may not be very attractive during this time, but once the trees are stable, the stake supports can be removed and your trees will be sturdy in wind and rain.

Landscape Installation Involves Many Steps

A landscape installation involves more than just planting trees and plants. The landscaper has to spread around mulch, put up edging, install the hardscapes, trim or prune plants and trees if needed, and do any other task that is necessary to ensure the plants and trees are properly in place and healthy.

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