Keeping The Trees On Your Property Healthy

Because trees are extremely hardy and durable plants, individuals can be guilty of neglecting to effectively maintain them. Over the years, this may put these large plants at a significantly higher risk of developing a number of problems.

Avoid Pruning The Tree During The Growing Season

Pruning the trees is a type of maintenance that will be needed to encourage them to grow as thick as possible while also allowing for problematic branches to be removed. When having the tree trimmed, the owner should be mindful to avoid having this work done during the growing season for the tree. This could lead to the plant having to spend much of its energy healing from the pruning and trimming work. As a result, it may be less able to maximize energy production from its leaves, which could lead to the plant failing to store enough energy for the dormant winter months. To avoid this, it is advisable to have tree trimming work completed during the winter months. As an added benefit, the tree may be less vulnerable to pests targeting the trimmed areas during this time of the year as they will be dormant or their populations will be significantly reduced.

Monitor The Nutrients In The Soil

Nutrient issues can be a common source of tree health problems. However, this can be an issue that a homeowner will be able to effectively mitigate by regularly testing the soil near the tree to monitor its nutrient levels. In cases where these tests reveal a deficiency, the results can help to guide your decisions about adding fertilizer to the soil. When conducting these soil tests, samples should be taken from multiple sites around the tree to ensure that you have a more comprehensive understanding of the soil quality.

Learn To Recognize The Signs Of Damage, Disease, Or Pest Issues

One mistake that people will make when it comes to their trees is failing to act quickly enough when the plant is starting to experience significant health problems or other damages. This mistake can occur due to a failure to recognize the warning signs that the tree is suffering these problems. A common indication of significant problems with the tree may be individuals or sections of branches dying. At the first sign of this type of damage occurring to the tree, the owner should arrange for a tree maintenance service to visit their property to assess the trees and determine the most effective treatment plan.

For more help with the trees in your yard, contact a tree trimming service in your area.