Fruitful Rewards: 4 Ways Your Landscape Design Can Benefit from the Addition of Citrus Trees

Citrus trees are not what homeowners typically think about when working on a landscape design. In fact, their focus is often on other trees and shrubbery rather than fruit trees. However, citrus trees can add aromatic, aesthetic, and practical value to your landscape design and are the perfect way to make your landscape look unique.

1) Citrus trees do not require large spaces

Short on landscaping space? Look for dwarf varieties of citrus trees when designing your landscape or plant regular varieties that you can prune or trim to help maintain their size. You can plant citrus trees in the corner of a garden, along a fence, or next to a building if desired to maximize small outdoor spaces and still gain all the fruitful benefits citrus trees bring. 

2) Citrus trees are aromatic

The blossoms of orange, grapefruit, lime, and lemon trees provide a pleasing and soothing scent that will fill your landscape with fragrance when the trees are in blossom each year. This is a benefit that is often overlooked. Not only do the blossoms provide fragrance, but their sweet, scented flowers will also attract pollinator species.

3) Citrus trees add color

If you are looking for a unique way to add a little color to your landscape, citrus trees are up to the task. When trees are in the blossoming stage their delicate white blooms will provide an attractive and refreshing color to your landscape. Once the fruit appears, you will have pops of green, orange, or yellow throughout your landscape depending on the type of citrus trees you plant.

4) Citrus trees are practical

Once citrus trees reach maturity, they will supply a bounty of fresh and healthy fruit for you and your family to enjoy. Imagine being able to walk into your own backyard and pick a basket of fresh lemons to make refreshing lemonade or squeezing your own oranges to make fresh orange juice to enjoy with breakfast. You can also share extra produce with your friends and neighbors or donate your fruit bounty to your local food bank to help those less fortunate. 

Landscaping citrus trees will benefit you for years to come. Their aromatic blossoms will fill your landscape with fragrance when the trees are in bloom. They will also add color and beauty to your landscape, and you cannot beat the practical benefit of having your own fresh fruit to enjoy.