5 Ways To Use Stone Work In Your Landscaping

Hardscaping in the yard does more than add utilitarian aspects like sidewalks and fences, it also adds visual interest and creates an attractive framework to tie the landscaping all together. Stone is a preferred hardscaping material because its natural colors and look help it seamlessly integrate into the attractive plant life in your yard. 

1. Patio Paving

Stonework creates a much more beautiful patio compared to boring concrete. You can opt for a formal style, with neatly cut stone blocks or cobbles mortared in place firmly in a simple or complex design. For a more casual or rustic look, rough-cut flagstones are an attractive option. Your stone service can also put in a dry-fit stone paver patio, which doesn't use mortar but instead uses sand for the joints between stones.

2. Retaining Walls

In some yards retaining walls are necessary to help anchor a slope, while in others they simply create visual interest and add height to the landscaping design by allowing for raised planting areas. Retaining walls can be dry fit, particularly if they aren't weight-bearing, or mortared in place. There are also plenty of options, from the natural-looking stacked stone wall to the attractive and neat mortared brick wall.

3. Garden Edging

Edging in garden beds doesn't just make them look nicer and more finished, it also helps keep grasses and weeds from invading planted areas. Further, building the edging out of natural stone that is used elsewhere in the landscaping or the home's exterior helps tie the look of everything together. Another benefit is that stone landscaping is durable, long-lasting, and doesn't require much maintenance. 

4. Path Building

Sidewalks and garden paths, much like patios, don't have to be made of plain concrete. Flagstones and paving stones can be used to create attractive paths. You can opt to pave an entire sidewalk in stone, or you may prefer to create more natural garden paths with stepping stones placed carefully to provide the best path in the most attractive way.

5. Decorative Flourishes

Don't overlook using stone to add some decorative touches to your landscaping. A stone service can create an attractive water fountain, pond, or dry creek from stonework. Decorative boulders can also be places to anchor garden designs or act as a focal point for a planted area. Stone services can also put in attractive but useful stonework, such as outdoor fire pits, fireplaces, and stone seating areas.

Contact a stonework service if you would like help in adding better hardscaping to your landscape design.