Upgrading Your Property With A New Sprinkler System

Installing a new sprinkler system can be an upgrade that can greatly reduce the amount of work that you have to do to keep your landscaping watered. When installing a sprinkler system, it is important to be thorough as you are planning and preparing to make this upgrade.

Be Mindful Of The Placement Of Large Plants Or Other Obstructions

The placement of large plants and other potential obstructions will have to be considered when you are creating a layout design for your new sprinkler system. Otherwise, these obstructions could block the water from the sprinklers, and this may severely reduce the ability of the system to effectively water your property. If you have flower beds or other important plants near large trees, statues, or even bushes, you may need to position multiple sprinkles to ensure that enough water reaches them.

Opt For An Automatic Sprinkler System With Rain Sensors

Automatic sprinkler systems can spare you from needing to be physically present in order to water your landscaping. However, it is understandable that individuals will want to avoid using the sprinklers when it has rained recently. In this regard, modern automated sprinkler systems can be equipped with rain sensors that will be able to stop the system from activating if it is currently raining or it has rained in the previous several hours. This type of feature can save you from wasting water, and it can prevent the landscaping from being overwatered as this could be extremely damaging to many types of plants. Some areas may even require new sprinkler installations to have this feature as a way of conserving water during droughts or other periods where the local water supply may be lower than normal. Reviewing your local regulations will help you to determine whether this is necessary for your system.

Avoid The Sprinkler Heads When Mowing

Mowing the lawn can be a common source of damage to the sprinklers. When mowing the grass, the blade of the mower should be adjusted so that it is high enough off the ground to avoid damaging the sprinkler heads. The force of impact in the event of the lawnmower's blade striking the sprinkler heads can be extremely high, which may contribute to them suffering extensive damage. Additionally, prior to mowing it can be worth the few minutes it would take to perform a visual inspection to ensure all the sprinkler heads have fully retracted so that they are not higher than normal as this may greatly increase the risk of them being struck.

For more information, reach out to a sprinkler installation professional near you.