Sprinkler System Getting Older? 2 Repairs You May Need To Make

If you use a sprinkler system for your yard and it is getting older, you may need to make some repairs soon. Fortunately, these repairs can help your sprinkler system last much longer for you so you can save money. Keep reading so you will know what to look for and get your sprinkler repaired before the problem becomes much worse. 

Broken Head

If your sprinkler system has a broken head, it will be easy to see as water will pool on the ground around the sprinkler head instead of spraying. If your sprinkler system is doing this inspect the head as it may have a crack in it. This is commonly due to a lawnmower hitting the head or someone stepping on it. 

A broken head cannot be repaired but must be replaced. Write down the make and model number of your sprinkler system before you start shopping to ensure you purchase the right head. You can also take a picture of the head and show the employee at the store, and they will know what you need to purchase. 

You can hire a professional to replace the head for you, but you can also do it yourself if you are the DIY type. Refer to the owner's manual on how to do this for the type of sprinkler system you have.

Clogged Nozzles

It is common for a nozzle to become clogged with things like grass, leaves, etc. If your sprinkler system has this problem, it cannot spray as far as it usually does, and you will likely notice grass in certain areas is brown and dry. 

You can take care of this problem yourself. Turn the sprinkler system off so you do not get wet. Next, lift the stem from the head and remove the nozzle, which is generally screwed on or may have clamps. There will be a nozzle and a filter. Both may be clogged with debris or only one of them. Remove what is clogged and wash it. You can then return it back the way you removed it. 

Restart your sprinkler system and make sure it is spraying correctly. Watch the pattern as you may need to adjust it to ensure the right amount of grass is getting watered.

There are many more problems you can have with an older sprinkler system, such as overspray, broken pipes, and wrong head spacing. A sprinkler repair company can give you more information.

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