5 Water Feature Ideas For Your Landscape Design

Water features have a place in nearly every custom landscape design. The only challenge is deciding what type of feature to use. 

1. Fountain

A classic fountain works with almost any size yard or landscape design. You can put in a formal tiered fountain for a classical garden appearance, or opt for a modern disappearing fountain where it looks like the water soaks into the ground at the base of the fountain urn. Decorative statue fountains can be found in nearly any design or shape, so there is always one that will work for your yard.

2. Gazing Pool

A gazing pool or small pond can provide a serene option for a water feature. Small ponds or pools, with or without floating pond plants, can be tucked into a corner of a small yard. Larger pools are also an option, and these can be combined with other features such as fountains, bubblers, and waterfalls. You may also want to add fish, such as koi, to larger and deeper pools and ponds. 

3. Bubblers

A bubbler is closely related to a fountain. Instead of spraying water upwards or pouring it out in a thick stream, the water instead bubbles up just above the surface of the surrounding water. Bubblers provide relaxing water sounds without taking up much space. You can find bubbler features that are no larger than a flower pot, which are suitable for setting on a patio or using as a table centerpiece. They also work well to move water around in pools so that mosquitoes don't lay eggs. 

4. Waterfalls

Few things are as relaxing as the sound and appearance of flowing water. One way to incorporate this into your landscape design is with waterfalls. A small rock waterfall can flow into a pond or pool if you have the room. There are also wall waterfall fountains, which can affix to garden walls so that water flows down before being recirculated back into the system. Free-standing urn-style waterfall fountains are also an option. 

5. Birdbath

Don't overlook the simplicity of installing birdbaths in the landscaping when looking at water feature options. There are both pedestal style and hanging birdbaths that can be incorporated into the yard. Just make sure the bath is placed high enough to protect the birds from ground-based predators like cats. Birdbaths can be combined with a bubbler, which helps keep the water fresh and adds the sound of moving water to the enjoyment of watching the birds.

Contact a custom landscaping design service to design the best water feature for your yard.