Guidelines To Maintain Your Lawn And Yard Landscaping

Whether it is spring, summer, or fall, your yard's landscaping can look amazing with some basic guidelines and maintenance. Your landscaping is made up of bedding areas with trees, shrubbery, and flowers, and your lawn covers a large expanse of soil in your yard, which all need to be cared for in the right way. Here are some recommendations to landscape your yard and maintain your lawn and vegetation.

Add New Landscaping

Each year you may have landscape issues with vegetation that does not make it through the winter or dies off due to high temperature and extreme heat conditions, which will require you to update and add to your yard's landscaping. You don't want to pull out a dead shrub and not replace it because that bare area in your yard will not only look unattractive but will leave a place for weeds to germinate and grow. 

The time of year that you complete your landscaping projects should be in the spring or fall when the weather conditions are accepting of new plants. During these seasons, the weather is cooler, and there is less heat, which gives new vegetation a chance to get established. Then, when you add in new vegetation, be sure to cover the soil around it with mulch and water it fully. If you are planting in the fall, be sure you continue watering your new vegetation until the weather freezes.

Manage Your Soil Health

Test your soil every few years to make sure it contains enough of the right nutrients and has the appropriate pH. You can have your soil tested at a local university extension office, or you can contact your landscaper for a test. This will provide you information about what nutrients your soil needs to help your vegetation and lawn grow its healthiest. 

Sometimes the lawn can deplete the soil of nutrients and cause it to become more acidic, and it will need lime added. You can add lime in the fall either by tilling it into your garden soil or sprinkling it over your lawn. Let it sit over the winter to help break it down and provide your soil its full benefits in time for spring growth.

Care For Your Lawn

Your lawn can also use some good care in the fall when it is preparing for the upcoming winter months. Add a layer of mulch sprinkled over your lawn so that it will settle around the lawn's roots to benefit the plants over the winter and in the spring. This is also a good time to apply a layer of lawn seed for spring, especially if areas of your lawn are sparse and thin.

For more information, contact a landscaping company, such as C  & J Landscaping.