Landscaping And Yard Care Recommendations For Your Property

Taking care of your yard and its landscaping adds value and a great appearance to your property. However, with yard care, you need to stay on it regularly to get a good result. Here are some recommendations for you to follow this season that will keep your yard in great shape.

Get Rid of Weeds

When you work hard to water and fertilize your yard's landscaping, you don't want it all going to weeds. This pulls these essential nutrients and water from your vegetation but it also allows the weeds to grow larger and push out your existing vegetation. And the more weeds grow, the better they will spread through their unique seed dispersal systems. 

Do your best to keep weeds from growing within your landscaping and lawn. Use a weed tool or a garden spade to cut them from the soil, root and all, or apply a weed-and-feed type of fertilizer to kill off weeds while you help your lawn grow more thickly. Or you can also use a selective herbicide that will kill the weeds within your lawn without harming the lawn. You can also use a selective herbicide in your bedding areas as long as you don't get it on other vegetation. 

Take Care of Your Lawn

Your lawn can be part of your property's main showcase as it is bordered by landscaped bedding areas of trees, shrubbery, and vibrant flowers all year long. As such, to keep your lawn at its healthiest, it needs a good start in the spring with the removal of any thick layer of thatch. Use a de-thatcher to remove the thatch from your lawn's foundation, or you can use an attachment on your mower or use a leaf rake to pull it up. Too much thatch prevents your lawn from receiving nutrients to its roots.

Be sure you mow your lawn each week or on a regular basis as your lawn grows. This is to ensure that you don't cut off too much of your lawn's length when you mow, so you need to hire a lawn care professional to take care of your mowing regularly. Your landscape professional will be able to mow and edge your lawn for a well-maintained appearance.

Apply Compost

Compost in your yard is a great tool to provide your vegetation the food it needs for healthy growth. And if you want to apply a layer of mulch around your landscaping plants, you can use an organic mulch that will slowly decompose and create a compost for your soil. Talk to your landscape professional about adding compost or making your own.

To learn more, contact a landscaping or lawn care service