5 Commercial Landscape Installation Ideas To Consider

The idea of hiring commercial landscape installers can be exciting, but it's important to get the ideas for a project together before digging too deep. If you're not sure what ideas might work best for your commercial landscape installation effort, here are five you may want to consider.

Planting for Energy Efficiency

Trees and hedges can help you improve energy efficiency at nearly any commercial location. On hot days, they can shade a structure and reduce cooling bills. Likewise, they serve to break the wind on cold days. The increased livability of the space is a nice bonus, too.


Yes, commercial landscape installers can satisfy your need for green spaces. However, you may want to add some visual interest by using plants of different colors. For example, many trees have yellowish leaves. You also can sneak in some darker bushes to shake things up.

It's also worth thinking about how plants change color, especially if your building is in a region that has a long fall. An Amur maple, for example, can become a bright red during the fall. You can accomplish something similar with flowering plants that blossom during different parts of the year. These changes in color give people a sense of time, and they can become anticipated displays.


Especially in regions where water is at a premium, there's a lot to be said for a commercial landscape installation that doesn't guzzle water. In many dry regions, you can favor native plants that have naturally adapted to be hardier. Also, you can turn to plants from regions that get little water.

It's also frequently a bit of a conversation starter to have a landscape that doesn't look like the usual trees and bushes. Another bonus is that many of these plants are lower-maintenance, requiring less trimming and nutrients.


Particularly in commercial spaces, there's often a benefit to demarcating where walking spaces are versus the greenery. Hard features, such as edging where a sidewalk meets a lawn, serve this practical purpose. With some thought, they also can provide visual appeal.

Hardscaping is often very useful in relatively plain environments. If you have an open field next to a building, for example, hard features can break up the relative monotony.


Not all sites lend themselves to extensive lawns. Some don't have lawns at all, but that shouldn't stop you from beginning a commercial landscape installation job. Use planters to add landscaping features in locations dominated by concrete, steel, wood, and other materials.

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