How To Prepare For Tree Removal

It's sometimes necessary to remove a tree from your yard. If a tree is dead or unstable, it's a safety hazard until it's removed. You might also want a tree removed if it's getting too close to your house or if it is in the way of putting in a garage or pool. Removing a tree from a crowded city lot can be challenging, and that's why tree removal is a job for professionals with the right tools and experience. Here are some things you can do to get ready for the tree removal process.

Prepare The Drop Zone

The tree removal service may tape off an area around the tree where limbs, branches, and chunks of the trunk are likely to fall. You'll want to clear out this area before work begins. Remove yard ornaments and lawn furniture so the crew has plenty of room to work and so nothing gets damaged if a big branch falls to the ground. In addition, you'll want to keep pets and kids indoors and away from all the activity.

Coordinate With The Utility Company

It might be possible to remove your tree and avoid nearby power lines. However, if the tree is growing into the lines, the power company will need to cut off the power before work starts and then turn the power back on once the tree has been cut down. The tree removal company will let you know in advance if the power company needs to get involved so they can work safely.

Make Arrangements For The Stump Removal

A tree removal company doesn't automatically remove stumps left behind from trees they cut down. If the tree is in the backyard and the stump will be out of sight, you might not care about removing it.

If the stump is in your front yard, or if the stump is near your house and could attract ants and termites, you'll want to have it removed. This could be an extra charge from the tree removal company or you may need to call a stump grinding company to get rid of the stump once the tree removal crew has completed their work.

Consider Salvaging Mulch And Firewood

The tree removal company will probably bring a mulcher along with them so they can make mulch on the spot from the tree branches. If you have need of mulch for your garden or yard, you might want the company to leave some mulch behind when they leave. If you have a fireplace or camp frequently, you might also want to save some suitable chunks of wood to chop up for firewood.

Keep in mind, you'll probably need to chop the wood yourself and then let it dry out for months before you can use it, so make sure the wood will be useful or you may be stuck with a big chunk of wood that's difficult to get rid of later.

To learn more, contact a local tree removal service.