Want To Have A Beautiful Lawn? Install Lawn Sod

If your lawn did not look good this year, this can make your entire landscaping look bad. Fortunately, you can make your lawn beautiful again by installing lawn sod. Below is information on how this is done.

Remove Old Lawn

In order to install lawn sod, your old lawn will be completely removed using a sod cutter. If you do this on your own, you can rent this equipment. 

Once the grass is removed, consider if you have any grade problems. This means rain flows towards your home when it rains. If you need to level out your lawn, this would be the best time to do it. Contact a landscape contractor to do this job for you as heavy equipment will be used if the grade is very large. If not, you can level out the soil on your own.

Smooth and Roll the Lawn

Once the grass is removed and the grade is correct, you need to smooth the lawn. Walk on the soil and remove sticks, stones, etc. You can use a rake to do this, or if your lawn is large, use a tiller and then smooth it. The tiller will break up the soil, making it much easier for you to smooth it. Look at the lawn after about 24 hours to see if you have any high spots, if you do use the rake to smooth these spots out.

Use a lawn roller to roll the soil to give it a firm base. This will ensure the lawn sod will lay correctly. You can purchase a lawn roller at a home supply store. The employee or a landscape contractor can show you how to use it. The landscape contractor can also do this for you if you prefer. Water the soil thoroughly two days before you lay the sod until the soil is wet about six inches deep. 

Lay the Lawn Sod

Order sod from a contractor and lay it immediately, as it will go bad quickly. First, water the surface of the soil and apply phosphorus fertilizer. The sod will come in long strips. Start laying the strips on the outside edge of your yard and keep going until you reach the middle. You will have to cut the strip as you go to make it the right length.

Laying lawn sod can be difficult for someone that has never done this before. Because of this, hire a sod installation professional to lay the sod for you.