Winter Tree Trimming And Pruning Guide For Tree Care Before Spring Budding Starts

Before the trees start budding in spring, there is some tree care that needs to be done. First, you need to know the differences between pruning and trimming. You should also know what needs to be done to your trees and when it needs to be done. The following tree trimming and pruning guide will help you with your tree care before the spring budding starts:

  • Tree trimming and when it is needed—The trimming of your trees is often to help promote healthy growth, deal with the damage from storms, or as part of preventative maintenance around your home. When trimming trees, you want to remove heavy overloaded branches and give the canopy a healthy shape. When you have trees near your home or other structures, trimming prevents falling branches from causing damage, as well as reduces wear due to too much shade and moss growth on building materials like shingles.
  • The Importance of pruning your trees—Pruning is a little different than trimming because it is part of regular tree care for many species of trees. The pruning has to be done before new growth starts, but after the last frost of winter. When pruning, old-growth is removed to make room for new healthy buds to sprout in spring. Pruning fruit and flowering trees help improve productivity, prevents damage, and encourages healthy growth.
  • Know when you can prune and trim trees—The winter months are the best time to start with trimming and pruning tasks around your home. You will want to start with the trimming that needs to be done to protect your home from property damage during winter weather when branches can break under the weight of snow and ice. Pruning should be done when the weather is a little warmer but before spring. You can prune in late fall or winter when you do trimming, but you want to make sure that it is done when the temperatures do not dip below freezing because freezing can cause damage where your trees have open wounds.
  • Tree care emergencies and trimming in warmer weather—Though it is better to trim and prune during the dormant season, there are times when you may need to do the emergency trimming. This may be due to damage from storms, insects, and disease. Emergency trimming can be done to remove unhealthy or dead growth to protect your trees and property from damage. When doing emergency trimming, only the damaged branches should be removed. Since the wounds from cuts will be exposed, you want to watch these areas for problems and treat issues like insects before they cause severe damage.

This is the important pruning and trimming that needs to be done before spring budding starts. If you are ready to start these tasks, call a company that provides tree care services to begin trimming trees and pruning before spring.