Pros And Cons Of Lawn Edging

Have you ever driven past a house and noticed how beautiful it looks from the street? Many real estate agents refer to this as curb appeal, and you can easily increase your home's curb appeal by adding one thing to your routine care — lawn edging. This simple step added to your lawn care is a way to make your home stand out from others and keeps it looking fresh and clean. Here are a few pros and cons of lawn edging that might help you decide if it is worth your time.

Pro - Protects Flower Beds

The use of lawn edging helps keep your lawn separate from the flower beds and keeps the grass from creeping into your beds. The wind and other natural elements can cause the grass to blow and weeds to pop up in the yard, but if you take the time to edge the lawn, it will help create a barrier between these two different parts of your yard.

Con - Expensive Materials

If you do not have access to an edger, it might be a pricey investment upfront. Once you pay for the tool, however, your extra fees are all taken care of with the exception of gas to help make it run. The cost of an edger is small compared to the number of benefits it will provide for you and your home. 

Pro - Add a Personal Touch

With the use of lawn edging, you are able to personalize your yard to be exactly what you want it to be. People have used various forms of lawn edging such as stones, bricks, or plastic to add to the curb appeal of their home. Simply using an edger around the perimeter will help keep your yard looking sharp, clean and well-manicured. If you are wanting to be creative, the options are endless for you.

Con - Takes More Time

Using lawn edging in your routine lawn care does take up a little bit more time, but if you like having a well-cared-for lawn, then it is worth every extra minute. There are various types of edgers you can use but usually it is just an extra walk around the perimeter of your property to get the crisp lines that every homeowner dreams about. Be sure to add in about 15-20 minutes of extra time to get your lawn edging done when you go out to mow. 

Reach out to a professional for more information about lawn edging