Make Your Landscape Easy to Maintain With These Projects

While gaining experience as a homeowner, you may have realized that you like the idea of minimizing maintenance demands at every opportunity. If you know that the landscape has not been worked on in a long time, you may want to make changes to accomplish this goal.

Although you could strip the landscape of grass and plants to minimize upkeep, you may also be interested in making the front yard and backyard even more attractive. This makes it worth hiring a landscaping company that can make important and impactful changes to your landscape.

Irrigation System

One of the best features to add to your landscape is an irrigation system that handles most or all the watering that your grass and plants need. Instead of having to go out and water everything manually every day or every other day, you can let the irrigation system do it as often as needed. Also, you can quickly and easily make setting adjustments depending on the season or weather.

Native Plants

Replacing exotic plants and planting more native plants is a viable strategy that will reduce your landscape's upkeep. Many exotic plants need extra care and attention because they may not be well-suited for the climate that you live in. However, you can grow native plants and almost never have to give them a health checkup because they should thrive in your climate with ease.


A major part of enjoying successful growth with plants is putting them in the right places. For instance, you might experience issues when you plant a tree too close to the house because the roots, branches, and even trunk could cause damage eventually. By hiring landscape experts, you can make strategical plant placement choices that benefit your family.

Outdoor Lighting

Another way to create an easy-to-maintain landscape is by making sure the entire landscape is well-lit in the day and at nighttime. This will allow you to inspect plants thoroughly so that you can determine whether they are healthy or are experiencing a pest infestation. Also, proper outdoor lighting will keep your family from stepping on sensitive plants near paths in the evening.

Maintaining any landscape will require you to put at least some time and effort into the process. But, you can look forward to minimizing how much you need to invest by making a few changes. To learn more about minimizing your yard's upkee[, contact a landscape design contractor near you.