Snow Removal Tips For Safe And Efficient Work

Although spring is on the horizon, there may still be plenty of snowstorms in your future. Here are some tips to help you tackle snow removal from your property safely and efficiently the rest of this season.

Work Smart

Shoveling snow may seem like a harmless type of yard maintenance that you take care of after each snowstorm, but it can actually be one of the most dangerous activities you participate in. Shoveling snow puts a great amount of exertion on your body as it greatly increases your heart rate and blood pressure. While this occurs, your blood vessels are constricted due to the cold and your body receives a reduced amount of oxygen, which puts more strain on your body.

Because of the environment you handle snow removal in and the type of activity it is, you need to be careful that you don't put yourself at risk of a heart attack. Take your time while you shovel snow so you don't overexert yourself, and stretch before you begin to shovel. Shovel small amounts of snow with each scoop, and shovel when the snow is dry and lighter versus wet and heavier. If the snow is too heavy and wet, consider hiring a snow removal service or investing in a snowblower.

Be sure you select a good snow shovel that has a good grip for your hands and that is the right length. You don't want to use a shovel that is too short, as it will require you to bend over more and put too much strain into your back muscles. 

Stay Safe

Wear the appropriate snow gear when you shovel snow. Wear clothing that is loose enough that you can easily lift and move the snow and your shovel, but also wear clothing that will keep you warm but allow your body to breathe when you start to sweat. A layer of cotton clothing against your body will help wick away sweat, and a waterproof layer over a middle insulation layer will help keep you warm without overheating. 

When you remove your snow, try to push the snow off your paved areas instead of lifting and throwing the snow. And if you do need to scoop and lift the snow with the shovel, keep your back straight and bend your knees. Then, hold the shovel close to your body as you carry the snow, and never throw the snow over your shoulder or your back. Take breaks often so you don't overexert yourself, as it can be easy to get caught up in snow removal and forget to rest.

Follow up by sprinkling ice melt product over the shoveled surfaces to stop ice formation after the temperature drops later on. Then, always know when to hire a professional snow removal service when you are not physically able to tackle the job.