Signs You May Need A Retaining Wall In Your Yard

While we always consider what needs to be done inside our home as far as remodeling goes, we often don't pay too much attention to the bones of our yard. While it may be beautifully landscaped, that doesn't mean there are no underlying issues that could change the structure of the terrain and surrounding areas. You may need a retaining wall and reinforcement to help keep soil and earth intact. To enhance your yard and keep the ground intact, you may need to have a retaining wall installed. Here are some signs of trouble to look for and why you should hire an excavating team to do the job.  

Landscape Erosion

Water needs a place to pool away from so it doesn't directly settle in low-lying areas. These low areas have nowhere for the water to drain. The result is unstable soil conditions that can lead to dips and divots in which water pools and turns good soil into sandy, silty material that easily washes away. This type of landscape erosion makes it impossible to keep a garden bed looking healthy and retain nutrient-rich soil. Retaining wall excavation services are needed to reinforce the ground with geosynthetic materials on top of a leveling pad and drainage collection system. 

A Big Slope or Hill

If you have a hill or huge slope in your yard, it can turn into a serious drainage issue if it hasn't already. An excavating team can create a retaining wall within the area to promote proper drainage. The setback and finished grade will be determined by how much reinforcement the wall needs. The result is a stable walking area, terraced landscape, and a solid foundation for the landscape of your choice. The wall can be rocks, stone, concrete, or timber.

Too Much Pooling Water   

Have you been noticing that water pools up around the foundation of your home? Maybe a sidewalk or driveway has significant buckling due to pooling water around the edges or underneath. This is from bad drainage caused by soil triggering erosion around the foundation and surface. Retaining wall excavation should be considered to first remedy the issue and pipe the water properly away from sidewalks and building areas. From there, the necessary repairs will need to be made and affected areas replaced and rebuilt with new material. 

Whether you need to build a new wall or clear out an old wall and steps that are no longer functioning, meeting with a contractor is the first step. From there, you can decide what the best option is for a retaining wall and turn it into the landscape of your dreams! Look for a contractor who can help with excavation and the retaining wall.