How To Properly Use Reclaimed Wood

If you're going to be constructing a new fence for your home, one option you might choose is reclaimed wood. This is an environmentally-friendly option for building a fence, but you'll need to know how to properly use it. 

Know the Benefits of Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is better for the environment because the materials do not have to be harvested from the environment. You may also prefer the appearance of reclaimed wood since it will give your home exterior a more rustic look. Otherwise, you'd have to wait for your wooden fence to weather before it can achieve this appearance.

Know If the Wood is Treated

Before you begin using reclaimed wood, it's important to know the type of wood you'll be using. You must know if you're using treated or untreated wood. There might be a stamp that indicates that the wood is treated with chemicals. You might notice an oil smell, which wouldn't be present with wood that isn't treated. If wood is treated, the fence must not be close to a vegetable garden since the chemicals will seep into the food.

Clean Up the Wood Before Using It

Make sure to clean up the wood before using it. Use a brush and clean the dirt out of the cracks and crevices. Pressure washing can be an efficient way to clean reclaimed wood, but it can also be too forceful. This can cause damage to the wood. When the wood is clean, it will be easier to work with and the dirt won't dull your work tools. 

Look for Foreign Objects

Look for any foreign objects you can find in your reclaimed wood, such as nails and staples. Removing these will make the reclaimed wood a better material for constructing a wooden fence.

Allow Your Reclaimed Wood to Dry

You may receive reclaimed wood that is wet. Make sure to allow it to dry before you begin using it. Wood should always acclimate to the surrounding environment before it is installed. Place the wood outside in the sun so that it can dry naturally. Choose a day when it is unlikely to rain.

The easiest way to have a wooden fence constructed is to hire a company that specializes in fencing, such as Eastcoast Sitework. Clarify that you're concerned with the impact that the fencing option has on the environment. They can let you know if there are any building materials that are more sustainable, such as reclaimed wood.