Considering An In-Ground Sprinkler System? 3 Things To Know

Because it plays a key role in your home's curb appeal and value, landscape design is a great place to start when making updates. Of course, you may not know where to get started improving your home's yard. Thankfully, the addition of an in-ground sprinkler system offers enormous benefits. Not only will it help reduce the stress of maintaining your landscaping, but it also protects the look and value of your curb appeal. If you are considering a new sprinkler system, here are a  few important things to know.

It's An Investment

The installation of an in-ground sprinkler system will be a large expense. From equipment and supplies to the labor involved in creating trenching and connecting to your home's plumbing, it is easy to see why this update can be so financially overwhelming.

It is important to remember that irrigation is an investment. A healthy lawn requires a good amount of moisture and care. Using a garden hose to water your lawn is possible, but automatic sprinklers will reduce your time, stress, and energy needed to ensure your grass is watered sufficiently.

Your sprinkler system can protect your lawn, ensuring it is healthy and appealing. While surprising to learn, a nice lawn can offer you an estimated 303 percent return on your investment.

Uneven Watering May Be Necessary

Another important thing to remember is that different areas of your lawn may require different amounts of water.

Areas of your lawn that are shady and cool will not require as much water. However, areas of lawn that receive full sun will require more water than the shadier areas.

Your irrigation specialist and landscaper will be able to design a system that works for each area of your lawn, ensuring it receives the appropriate amount of water to keep the grass healthy.

Automation Is Key

You will have a few different options when it comes to the design of your irrigation system. Equipping your sprinklers with automatic timers is key for many reasons.

Timers will help water and maintain your landscape without much effort on your part. Set the timer and rest easy in knowing your lawn and plants will be watered at your specified time of the day.

Many homeowners will set up sprinklers to water with their garden hoses. If forgotten or not moved across the lawn periodically, you may end up watering one area excessively and another area insufficiently. In some instances, you may even forget about your sprinklers. This can lead to enormous water waste.

If set up correctly, automatic timers will turn on and off the water at the appropriate times, helping to conserve your household's water usage. 

An irrigation system is an excellent investment in your landscape design, home, and finances. This guide will teach you a few important factors to know when considering an in-ground sprinkler system. For more information, contact a company like Pacific  Sunscapes.